CR&E personnel have the knowledge and experience to assist facilities in all areas of research, engineering/design, modification, testing, and operation. Our staff is comprised of individuals from the following disciplines:

  • Engineering Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental, Petroleum
  • Sciences Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Management Systems Operations, Quality Assurance, Research, Safety & Hazard Analysis, Emergency Preparedness, Trial Burn, Closure/Decommissioning, Operator Training, Procedure Development, Contingency Plans
  • Controls Process, Programming, PLC, Systemization

Mr. Alfred Webster, Principal, CEO
Mr. Webster has over 29 years of experience in engineering management, process engineering, process development, design, thermal processes and startup/systemization. Mr. Webster practices in chemical weapons demilitarization, nuclear, fossil and co-generation power, hazardous waste remediation, clean coal processes, waste water treatment and water purification industries.

Mr. Franklin Rinker, Principal, P.E.
Mr. Rinker has over 46 years of experience in engineering and management in process and control engineering, process development, thermal processing equipment supply, hazardous waste incineration and combustion processes. His fields of experience includes mining, iron and steel and chemical weapons demilitarization industries.

Dr. Yunhan Zheng, Ph.D
Dr. Zheng has over 20 years experience in process design and modeling. He has extensive knowledge and experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), fluid mechanics, mechanical design, thermal design and analysis, heat and mass transfer, engineering thermal dynamics, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA).  He is a member of Sigma Xi, the Scientist Research Society.