Department of the Army regulations define the requirements for achieving a 5X (agent free) condition.  These regulations state that materials which have been in contact with chemical agents are to be heated to at least 1000°F and held at that temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to being released for disposal.

5X thermal dosimeters manufactured by Continental Research and Engineering were developed as small, low cost, wireless temperature sensing devices to be used in Chemical Demilitarization Furnaces.  They are used to verify that the Army 5X decontamination criteria are met for the processing of munitions bodies during pre-operational testing.  The dosimeters are small enough to allow them to fit through projectile burster holes and/or punch holes in bulk containers (1⅛" outside diameter) and are durable enough to withstand the thermal and physical shock of being moved through the demilitarization furnaces.  They contain temperature sensitive markers within an insulated canister.  The temperature sensitive markers pass through a phase change (melt) after reaching 1000°F.  The phase change provides a permanent physical change that can be verified by visual examination of the markers to determine if the rated temperature was achieved.  Internal insulation surrounding the temperature marker in combination with the marker container provides a nominal time delay between the temperature of the canister surface and the temperature of the marker.

Dosimeters can also be custom designed to fit your temperature indication requirements. Contact us with your requirements.